jetNEXUS is available as a Virtual Appliance for all the leading virtualisation platforms, eliminating the need for dedicated hardware, decreasing operating costs and reducing deployment time.

As well as giving you the agility of a virtualised solution, the jetNEXUS  Virtual Appliance offers you unparalleled future-proofing and scope for growth. When it comes to virtual appliances, jetNEXUS stands alone; we offer the most powerful virtual appliance available, at the most cost-effective price point. Whether hardware or virtual, jetNEXUS devices are functionally identical, so your choice of load balancing platform can be determined entirely by requirements of your environment.

jetNEXUS Virtual Load Balancer Deployment Options

jetNEXUs Virtual Load Balancer Deployment Options

  • ALB-X VA
CPU Min 2 vCPU
Memory Min 2 GB
Virtual Network Interface Up to 8
HTTP Max Throughput 1 Gbps / 5 Gbps / Unlimited
Layer 7—HTTP Requests Per Second Not limited by licence
SSL Transactions Per Second* Not limited by licence

Based on a Standard Deployment * Not limited by licence