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jetNEXUS Accelerating Load Balancer Extreme for IBM PureSystems

The jetNEXUS ALB-X is enabled for IBM PureFlex System.

The jetNEXUS ALB-X is certified on the IBM PureFlex system, enabling clients to achieve dramatic efficiencies in application delivery, optimise application performance and deliver resilient and scalable online services.

The jetNEXUS ALB-X signifies a move beyond the traditional approaches to web load balancing, by combining Layer 7 Load Balancing, Compression, SSL Offload and Content Caching in one solution, designed for outstanding application delivery, high performance, scalability and the flexible management of online services. For more information on jetNEXUS ALB-X for IBM PureFlex, please contact us.

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What is IBM PureSystems?

PureSystems is a new class of expert integrated systems that combines the flexibility of a general purpose system, the elasticity of cloud and the simplicity of an appliance. 

Designed together, the deeply integrated hardware and software is delivered in a ready-to-go, workload-optimised system.

IBM PureSystems Solutions Offer:
jetNEXUS for IBM PureSystems
Built-in Expertise:

Integration by Design

Simplified Experience

Deploy jetNEXUS with IBM PureFlex

jetNEXUS ALB-X for IBM PureFlex

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IBM PureFlex System: An Expert Integrated Platform System

IBM PureSystems helps users consolidate their workloads to reduce the total cost of ownership for IT infrastructure. An IBM PureFlex System combines compute, storage, networking, virtualization and management into a single infrastructure system that is expert at sensing and anticipating resource needs to optimize your infrastructure.

The ALB-X combined with IBM PureFlex creates an expert integrated system to help simplify IT infrastructure. Users are able to deliver new services more rapidly and add capacity cost-effectively.

For busy organisations that rely on high-performing mission critical applications, this means:

Optimised and guaranteed service delivery
Enhanced productivity for remote users, partners and customers
Improved use of IT resources
Increased network resiliency
Consolidated vendor support management

Learn more about IBM PureSystems at:

ALB-X Feature Benefit
flightPATH Routing Engine
flightPATH is a rule engine developed by jetNEXUS to intelligently manipulate and route HTTP and HTTPS traffic. It is highly configurable, very powerful and yet easy to use.
jetNEXUS flightPATH
New GUI Offering superb ease-of-use, drag and drop functionality and dynamically updated performance statistics.
jetNEXUS Discovery Discovery is used to scan the network and list all jetNEXUS ALB devices. Discovery makes the basic configuration and access, including the allocation of a management IP and default gateway easy, simple and straightforward.
Layer 4 to Layer 7 Server Load Balancing
Operating at the application protocol level increases functionality with features such as URL switching, cookie based persistence and request scanning.
Layer 7 Load Balancing More Info
Content Caching
Reduces server load and bandwidth consumption and accelerates applications. Easy to configure with multiple caching profiles.
Content Caching More Info
Connection Management
Optimises the performance of TCP/IP and manages stress on web servers. Key to high performance load balancing
Connection Managmeent More Info
Application Acceleration
Acceleration algorithms deliver compressed, optimised content for superb page delivery and excellent end user experience
Application Acceleration More Info
High-performance SSL Offload
Remove the overhead of CPU intensive encryption from your web servers basically minimising the performance impact on the server pool
SSL Offload More Info
HTTP Content Compression
Rule based compression improves performance and delivers bandwidth savings.
Content Compression More Info
Active/Active failover configuration
Deploy ALB-X Load balancers in a high availability pair to enable fail over and remove any single point of failure, eliminating service downtime for your online platform.
Multiple session persistence modes To ensure session integrity.Includes configurable application cookie session persistence
Advanced Server Health Monitoring
To detect and route around problem servers – from simple ping and TCP tests to full web GETs
Server More Info
Advanced Reporting & Logging
Advanced reporting/logging options and real time performance and availability stats for comprehensive monitoring and analysis. Configurable email alerting.Real-time Ajax server status display
Reporting More Info
Compatibility RoHS compliant, PCI DSS Compliant, FCC approved
Easy Management Secure web based interface for easy management and flexible configuration and changes. Simple,fast deployment with jetNEXUS Discovery Tool for automatic detection.

Robinsons Country Leisure use jetNEXUS
Client: Robinsons Country Leisure

Solution: jetNEXUS ALB-X

Web Address:
   The ALB X is just brilliant. From testing to implementation and through to going live, it has exceeded our expectations & delivered. Our web infrastructure wouldn’t be the same without it.    
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TCS Education
Client: TCS Education System

Solution: jetNEXUS ALB-X

Web Address:
   Since deployment, service reliability has improved exponentially – in fact response times are great! Ease of administration has increased tenfold thanks to a highly configurable solution and intuitive GUI.”    
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Railscluster use jetNEXUS
Client: Railscluster

Solution: jetNEXUS ALB-X

Web Address:
   Reliable, fast & future-ready, the jetNEXUS ALB-X is instrumental to our RailsCluster hosting platform and is key to serving and accelerating our customer’s web pages.    
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