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Introducing flightPATH for ALB-X
Powerful Application Traffic Management Feature

flightPATH is a powerful routing engine which enables clients to create and implement bespoke application rules. flightPATH will considerably improve day-to-day traffic management for clients, giving them greater control and intelligence in managing service delivery. This is especially crucial when managing online applications and ecommerce sites. flightPATH is highly configurable, very powerful and yet easy to use.

What can flightPATH do for me?

Due to the configurable nature of flightPATH, rule options are infinite but some common uses are to:

Block Unwanted Requests
Rewrite User Requests
Control Spiders
Detect and Fix Broken URLs
Intelligently Redirect User

jetNEXUS flightPATH Tutorials

Why use flightPATH?

flightPATH can be used to modify incoming and outgoing* HTTP/S content and requests. As well as using simple string matches such as “starts with” and “ends with,” powerful Perl compatible regular expressions can also be implemented for more control. In addition, custom variables can be created and used in the Action enabling many different possibilities.

Implementing flightPATH for real business cases

    For application firewalling and security   For application management
    Block unwanted IP’s   Redirect users based on path
    Force user to HTTPS for specific (or all) content   Provide Single sign on across multiple system
    Block or redirect spiders   Segment users based on User ID or Cookie
    Prevent and alert cross site scripting   Add headers for SSL offload
    Prevent and alert SQL injection   Language detection
    Hide internal directory structure   Rewrite user request
    Rewrite cookies   Fix broken URL’s
    Secure directory for particular users   Prevent directory access/ browsing
        Send spiders different content

How do I build a flightPATH rule?

flightPATH rules consist of conditions and actions. Multiple conditions can be added together. Multiple actions can also be created and are all executed if the conditions are met. Variables can also be created to set values to be dynamically included on the action response.

How can I test flightPATH?

flightPATH is a standard feature on the ALB-X

For maximum flexibility, the ALB-X is available as a hardware, virtual or software platform. You can download a software or virtual version of the ALB-X via the jetNEXUS website or request a hardware trial.

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